Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Power of Podcasting

Late last year, I became part of a global phenomenon (to use a completely over used phrase!) I found myself utterly hooked on the Serial podcast series. I had never been much of a podcast listener but I had read about Serial's unprecedented success on Twitter. I am inclined to be struck by nasty bouts of FOMO so I just had to see what all the fuss was about. (Since I am having such fun with links in this post, here is one more- the link for Serial so you too can be be of the fun!)

From Episode 1, I was hooked. I have never been one for forensics or court room dramas but this true story was told in the most engaging way by investigative journalist, Sarah Koenig. I was intrigued by the storytelling devices and strategies she used to tell the story and hook the listener without visuals. I devoured all twelve episodes (some of them twice) while on my morning walks and a number of times became so engrossed in the story that when I arrived home, I couldn't even remember which route I had taken! Like the millions of others who had gotten addicted to Serial, I was bitterly disappointed when I listened to the final episode. What would I do now?

Serial had opened up a whole new world to me; the world of podcasting. I have become a huge fan of downloading podcasts for listening to while walking or in the car or even if I am having trouble sleeping.

Early in January, I decided to explore educational podcasts and I have stumbled upon some real gems. There are many out there but here are some that I have enjoyed.

Adam Jones

Adam's podcast is brand new and as such there are only 4 episodes so far but I have really enjoyed them. I particularly enjoyed his chat with Hans Mundahl about the paradigm shift needed to make schools more relevant. He has four steps he thinks we need to take and I really enjoyed his ideas.



Wow! There are heaps of these so you are bound to find something that appeals to you. I'm a bit of a google fan girl so I really enjoy the googlecast episodes. The latest one I listened to had me totally intrigued by google cardboard! The little one minute podcasts are worth a listen too although downloading enough for a decent walk is enough to bring on a migraine!


Moving at the Speed of Creativity from Wes Fryer

I love that Wes has lots of great guests on his podcasts. The amazing Jennie Magiera of Gafe Summit North and South fame features in a recent podcast. You are bound to find something here that interests you.


The Whole Child Podcast

I just stumbled across this in the weekend so have only listened to one podcast but it was a goodie! I listened to a podcast about STEM education called STEM Makers and Shakers. I really enjoyed some of the ideas that were shared.


Do you listen to podcasts? Do you have any other podcast suggestions for me- educational or otherwise? Do you create podcasts with your students? Which tools do you use? Please leave me a comment if you're a podcast fan.


  1. Bridget, thanks you so much for mentioning my podcast! I have really enjoyed the whole podcasting process. It is a bit like drinking from a firehose to get the ball moving, but once I started to refine my systems it became a lot easier to just focus on the conversations. Looking forward to many more! I'd love to have you on the podcast!

    1. Thanks so much, Adam. I really enjoy your chatty style....some podcasts sound like the host is reading.....and I get that reading might make them feel more at ease so I hope I don't sound to critical but you sound interested and curious and responsive. I've got lots out of all five podcasts. I was out walking when I was listening to Craig's and had to keep stopping to write notes in my phone....then I discovered the show notes!! Oooops.
      Thanks again, keep 'em coming (although I imagine they are a LOT of work!)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Hans. Really enjoyed your thoughts. The four ways to make our schools more relevant really resonated. I teach Y8 (seventh grade) and you gave me some great ideas about reaching out to our community a little more. Your thoughts on making friends were so important....such a good reminder for those perfectionists who spend all their time working but struggle to reach out to others- being able to communicate and connect is invaluable.
      Thanks again.